08 Sep 2017

If you want to have your dwelling house or cabin warm before you arrived, the ADAX SET is the best solution. The device plugs right into a wall socket and from there you plug in the heater or appliance you wish to control.

A built-in temperature sensor lets you set a nice, cosy warmth for when you are present or an energy-saving, frost protection temperature, when you are away.

Should the temperature fall below, e.g., 5 degrees, you will receive a message informing you. Battery backup means that you are warned in case of a power cut, and when power is returned. Simple and smart using an app for iPhone or Android. Application for your smart phone you can download from the App Store or Google Play (keyword: ADAX) or after scanning the QR code. It is the perfect solution for all situations. The only thing you will require in addition is the SIM card, which could be with contract or prepaid.


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